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Dent Flow, it facilitates order processes, turnover tracking and courier / cargo tracking between the laboratory and dentists. Thanks to our software specially designed for your business, you can create special orders by selecting dentists, teeth and store patient records securely.

“Since we attach importance to the confidentiality of patient data, we store their identity information in encrypted form.”

Users can be separated according to their roles and can follow the order status on a department basis. In addition, your contracted couriers, if any, can deliver orders through the application and you can track the courier in real time. You can add value to your business by managing all your processes through a single software.

Detailed Order Management

With Dent Flow, tooth selection is made visually. You can help the doctor to elaborate the order with the procedure and product selection.

Doctor Current Tracking

You can track the current and financial information of the doctors who create orders with multiple currency options.

Live Courier Monitoring

You can track the location of the courier included in the system live on the map during the process of receiving and delivering the order.

QR Code Order Tracking

You can ensure the transitions between transactions and track the status through the QR-Code associated with the protocol number specially produced for each order.

Patient Record Accuracy

At the patient registration stage, the patient's identity card or passport number, which can only be seen by the doctor, is encrypted.

Smart Notifications

At each stage of the order, web and mobile notifications are sent about the status of the relevant order according to the relevant user role.

All Specifications

  • Dentist (Doctor) Management
  • Order Management (Visual Tooth Selection)
  • Multiple Currency Usage in Order
  • QR Code Order Tracking
  • Courier Live Map Tracking
  • Current / Balance Tracking
  • Patient Registration at Order Stage
  • User and Role Management
  • Convenient Web and Mobile Interface
  • Web and Mobile Notifications

Licensing Options

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Lifetime Licence

The installation process is carried out on any server that meets the requirements of the software and that you prefer. You can have the software without an annual fee. Server security and access is your responsibility.

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Membership Licence

Thanks to the annual membership, the server does not burden you. Software continues to be delivered securely from KodGaraj servers. As long as you have a membership licence, update and maintenance requirements are also met by KodGaraj.

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